All I Need – Book Signing

All I Need by Rebecca Carrigan

All I Need by Rebecca Carrigan

Come support Cambridge author Rebecca Carrigan who has released her first book All I Need.  An article in The Cambridge Times says it’s a supernatural book about fall angels & guardian angels.  She will be signing copies of her book at Chapters near Sportsworld Drive (beside Empire Theatres).  All I Need is the first in a trilogy.  Carrigan believed so much in her dream for this book that she has paid for its publication herself.

This is a very exciting time for Rebecca Carrigan because not only has her first book been released, an independent film is also filming in Cambridge as well.  It is supported by a cast of local actors, musicians and student voluteers.  The cast of the movie will also be present for the book signing.  Musicians will also be performing music from the films soundtrack.   Should be a fantastic event.
You can pick up your copy of the book from Chapters at the book signing, or you can order it online from Chapters/Indigo or Barnes & Noble.  If you want some teasers of the movie, you can find them on books official website.   The movie, which is set in Cambridge & Vancouver, will not be released until winter 2012.  There are also interviews with the cast on the website.
I must say, Rebecca Carrigan is definitely someone that young people canlook up to.  She had a dream and she is setting out to fulfill it.  We must commend her for that and support her any way we can! Who knows, perhaps Cambridge is home to the next JK Rowling.  We will soon find out!
For more information, please visit the All I Need official website.
When: Saturday February 18, 2012
Where: Chapters (Sports World by Empire Theatre)
Time: 1pm – 4pm
Amanda Maxwell might just have to buy a copy!

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