Places to Eat in Cambridge: Homage

Places to Eat in Cambridge: Homage

About a year ago I noticed a new restaurant was going to be opening in the building on the corner of St. Andrews Street and Grand Ave across from the Dunfield Theatre.  Since it is walking distance from our house, I knew Keith and I would give it a try.  We decided to go there with friends for my birthday at the end of November.  I had been there once before and thought the food was quite good but Keith had not been there yet.  He was not disappointed!

The format at Homage is a bit different.  They encourage you to share the food with others so they call it a sharing menu.  This means the portions they give you are massive and you order your sides separately.  Because I am not a huge meat eater, Keith gets to eat it all one his own.  That he did.  He ordered the crispy braised pork.  He said it was melt in your mouth good as it was just falling off the bone.  He ordered the Brussels and Bacon as his side dish.  I ordered the Savoury Corn Cakes as a starter. They were quite good.  Then ordered the gnocchi as a side.  They were AMAZING.  It was so good that one of our friends ordered it as his side, then he ordered another as his dessert.  I think between the 10 of us, we ate the place out of gnocchi that night! 

The meal was exceptional.  We enjoyed our meal there so much that Keith and I ventured back down there again the following week.  We found the food to be delicious, well priced and it had a great atmosphere.  We will be going back there again soon!

Where: 44 Grand Ave (Corner of Grand Ave & St. Andrews Street)

For more information please visit their website.

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