People in Your Neighbourhood: Keith Cutten, Golf Course Architect

People in Your Neighbourhood: Keith Cutten, Golf Course Architect

With the new 365 Cambridge format I wanted people to get to know other business owners that live here in Cambridge.  I am starting by asking questions to the most fascinating man in Cambridge, my husband, Keith Cutten.  Ok, so he might be the most fascinating man in Cambridge in my opinion, but I still think you'll find learning about people and what they love about the city to be interesting!

Name: Keith Cutten

Company: Cutten Golf Course Design

Occupation: Golf Course Architect


1) What do you love most about living in Cambridge? I love the beautiful architecture and being able to explore the Grand River.  It feels like living in an European city.

2) What do you like to do in your spare time? Golfing (of course!), however spending time with my family and taking our dog, Jagger, for walks down the many trails around Cambridge brings me the most joy.

3) What is your favourite event in Cambridge and why? I really enjoyed Unsilent Night this year.  It highlighted the beauty of downtown Galt.

4) What is your favourite place to eat in Cambridge and why? The Cambridge Mill because the food is great and I married my lovely wife there.  

5) What do you do for a fun night out in Cambridge? I enjoy going to one of the restaurants or pubs and listening to live music.  The Dunfield Theatre also has some great shows.

6) What made you decide to become a golf course architect? I have had a passion for golf since I was very young.  I enjoy being creative and working with a given property to find and create the elements which suit the game of golf. 

7) What do you love most about the game of golf? I love that no two golf courses are the same and that even the same golf course can play different each time.

8) What is your favourite course which you have help build or remodel? I spent 3 years crafting a seaside landscape in Cape Breton.  Cabot Links is now ranked in the top 100 in the world and the scenery alone makes it worthy.  However, the quality of golf that we were able to build into that course will likely stand the test of time.

9) What is the #1 golf course to visit on your list? In Canada I would say Highlands Links in Nova Scotia (make sure you stop by Cabot Links on the way!) and overall I would say the home of golf, St. Andrews in Scotland.

  10) When on the road, what about Cambridge do you miss most?  Obviously my family is #1, but next would be the sense of community I have found in Cambridge and the quality of friendships I have fostered here.  

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