BEST Toboggan Hills in Cambridge!

BEST Toboggan Hills in Cambridge!

Now that we have snow...the kids are going to want to go tobogganing!  Here is a list of the BEST toboggan hills in Cambridge!

1) Forbes Park in Hespeler

2) Silverheights Public School - Short but decent slopes

3) Devils Hill - Located behind Elgin Street Public School.  This North Galt location is super steep!

4) Dickson Hill - a Popular toboggan hill, just watch out for the lights!  Located in West Galt.

5) Churchill Park -  Since there is so much hill space there are lots of places to toboggan down in Churchill Park!  Located in East Galt.

6) Sturdy Park - A hidden gem in Preston.

7) Grandview School - I hear the hill isn't as good as it was before the school was built there, however people still toboggan there!

Google Maps has come out with a list of the best toboggan hills and a few from Cambridge made the cut!  Included are: Dickson Park, Devil's Hill and behind Silverheights Public School in Hespeler made the list!  Click here to see the map.