People in Your Neighbourhood: Marita Talbot, Mortgage Agent

People in Your Neighbourhood: Marita Talbot, Mortgage Agent

With spring just around the corner, many people are looking to make a move.  Whether it's your first home or you're looking for something a bit bigger, you need a great team working on your behalf (for more information on buying a home, click here).  Getting pre-approved for what you can afford is one of the first steps, so we decided to interview Marita Talbot, Mortgage Agent with Verico K-W Mortgage.  If you're not in the market for making a move, Marita may still be of service to you if you are considering refinancing your mortgage at a lower rate or perhaps learning about how you could afford an investment property!

Name: Marita Talbot

Company: Verico K-W Mortgage

Occupation: Mortgage Agent


1) What do you like most about Cambridge? What I like most about Cambridge is the diversity. Parts of it can feel very small town and quaint and other areas are very urban. It’s a city that focuses on its arts and culture and is very passionate about community involvement.

2) What do you do in Cambridge in your spare time?  I am a mom of 3 great kids with very busy schedules that include; hockey, soccer and dance. So there really isn’t much “spare” time. However, you will find me in an arena, ComDev Soccer park or Core Sports, or at my daughter’s dance studio when I am not working or at home with my kids.

3) In what ways do you like to give back to the Cambridge community? For the past 4 years, my husband and I have volunteered as coaches with Cambridge Youth Soccer in both their indoor and outdoor programs. We feel if our kids are going to play what better way to be part of their lives and able to enrich others kids lives with the sport we both have a passion for.

4) What is your favourite event in Cambridge and why?  I have a few favourite events in Cambridge, they are the Santa Claus parade because it is in the evening and the lights on the float make it very magical and spectacular. Also The Mill Race Festival. It is a folk music festival that takes over downtown Galt, with many of the downtown’s businesses coming together it unites the community through music, arts, crafts and great food. And it’s free!

5) What is your favourite place to eat in Cambridge and why? Cambridge is very unique for its many hidden gems. Two of my favourite establishments are Little Louie’s Burger Joint and Soupery. They make by far the best burger I have ever eaten and I have been to many “gourmet” burger restaurants. They also have about 4 or 5 different homemade soups every day that are different than anything you ever tried. My other favourite little gem is The Easy Pour Wine Bar in Blair. It is a quaint little spot between Cambridge and Kitchener. It has such a warm and romantic vibe and very chic! It is a great date place or place to go with friends for great food, wine and live music every Saturday night.

6) What do you like to do for a fun night out in Cambridge?  For a night out in Cambridge the end of my last answer sums up a great night out in Cambridge. Going out for a glass of wine and some fabulous food with my friends or hubby and listen to some great local talent makes for a great evening. We also enjoy going to the Dunfield Theatre. It is such a great production Company with amazing talent from all over the country. Why drive to Toronto, get stuck in traffic and pay for parking when you can get it all right here!

7) What made you decide to become a mortgage agent?  What made me become a mortgage agent is that I was ready to be my own boss. I had worked at a financial institution for eleven years and enjoyed being able to provide financial advice to our clients. I wanted to do more for my clients and be able to do more for my kids and be available for my family. I wanted to be able to volunteer in the classroom and supervise a field trip. Having the flexibility to do that and still provide great financial advice for my client’s first home purchase, second or third, renewal or refinance, being a mortgage agent allows me to do it all.

8) What do you love most about being a mortgage agent?  What I love most about being a mortgage agent aside from the flexibility it gives me is the smile on my client’s face when I am able to help them with their first purchase or renew their mortgage at a better rate and show them how I have been able to help them save a ton of money.

9) What services do you offer clients?  The services I offer are providing financing on new home purchases, renewals, refinance, switches, purchases with improvement needs. I am passionate about what I do and pride myself on my integrity, understanding and all around great client service.

10) If you had one piece of mortgage advice for someone, what would it be?  My one piece of mortgage advice is before you start to look for a property it is best to know how much you can afford. Honesty is the best policy.