NUMUS Concerts Presents: Sounds From Space

NUMUS Concerts Presents: Sounds From Space


NUMUS invites audiences to explore the bold sounds and ideas of a new generation of composers and performers while celebrating the innovators of the past.

Founded in 1985 by composer Peter Hatch and based in Waterloo, Ontario, NUMUS is one of Canada’s foremost new music organizations, renowned for its electrifying contemporary programming and high standards of artistry.

NUMUS showcases established and emerging talent from across Canada and the globe in Waterloo’s world-class venues. Diverse musical genres, traditional and experimental instruments and scored and improvised elements come together to create unique concertgoing experiences that capture the fluidity and relevance of contemporary music.

Join them Friday, May 1, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. at The Registry Theatre, 122 Frederick St, Kitchener as Jesse Stewart performs Sounds in Space: The Voyager Golden Record Remix on Canada’s only “reactable,” an experimental instrument. Sounds from Space will remix the contents of the Voyager golden records, layering and manipulating fragments of the recordings using a new electronic instrument known as the “reactable,” a digital sampler with a tangible user interface on an illuminated tabletop. An accompanying video, made especially for the Sounds from Space project, will apply a similar cut-and-mix sensibility to the 116 images contained within the golden records’ grooves.

Tickets are $30 for Adults, $20 for Seniors & Arts Worker, and $10 for Students and can be purchased at: The NUMUS fundraiser is coming up on May 3rd at The Jazz Room ... keep your ticket stub from Sounds From Space and get $10 off your fundraiser admission. Visit for more information.