Cambridge Express Bus Construction Update

Cambridge Express Bus Construction Update

An article in The Record yesterday updated us on the status of the Region's express bus system construction in Cambridge, which you no doubt have noticed and been impacted by if you've been on Hespeler Road lately. It was reported that the project is 6 months behind schedule and, not surprisingly, will likely cost more than anticipated. Previously expected to be completed in December 2014, at a cost of $5.8 million, the project is now slated to finish at the end of July ... over budget by a yet-to-be-determined amount.


The project starting falling behind schedule in 2014, after after old concrete foundations that the Region didn't know about were discovered at the Delta intersection. In addition, utility locations at some of the stops were not where they were supposed to be. When the region dug down to relocate the utilities they were too close to planned foundations for the bus stops. With these delays, the current status of the project is:


Ainslie St. Transit Terminal: Complete.

Can Amera Parkway: Almost complete.

Hespeler Rd. at Munch Ave.: To be completed by end of June.

Hespeler Rd. at Eagle St./Pinebush Rd.: To be completed by end of July.


Though the work will (hopefully) be completed by the end of July, the Express buses themselves won't start running until September. Once completed, the Express route will run 17 km from Fairview Park mall to the Ainslie Street transit terminal. The buses are part of the region's rapid transit project, which will also see light rail trains run from Conestoga Mall in Waterloo to Fairview Park mall starting in 2017.


Source: The Record